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Global Mental Health and Wellness
Startup Scale Up

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#4 Cohort Open

Selection committees:

July 2024

In-person Cohort:

September 23-26, 2023 


Open call to all market-ready mental health and wellness startups!


Participating startups will attend in-person business meetings and a final pitch and expo event in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, between September 23rd and 26th, 2024.

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Technology Verticals:

A business-focused scale up

connecting startups with investors, partners, and clients.

Participating startups will gain access to:

  • Meetings with active international investors

  • Exposure to global Industry corporates

  • Connections with government officials

  • Opportunities for Pilots and R&D collaborations

  • Presenting at the program's Expo and Pitch Event


Who should apply?

  • ​Mental health and Wellness startups from all countries

  • Market-ready with working products

    • Priority for startups with market validation and revenues

  • Startups that raised capital/professional funds/grants

  • Experienced team

Our Mission


At Start WellTech, we're on a mission to disrupt the global mental health and wellness sectors by empowering visionary startups.


We provide a dynamic platform for connecting promising startups with industry leaders, investors, and clients, fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth for the wellness ecosystem.

Why Us?


Choosing Start WellTech means choosing a proven pathway to success. Backed by the expertise of Arieli Capital LLC, we bring valuable insights into startup scaling and investments.


Our network spans across industry leaders, investors, and tech giants, offering an opportunity for startups to connect and thrive. With a focus on mental health and wellness, we are the partner for startups looking to make a meaningful impact.

Our Goal


To transform startups into future unicorns. We are dedicated to facilitating strategic partnerships and securing pilots, commercial deals, and investments for our startups.


By offering a platform that nurtures innovation and propels it into global markets, we aim to create a positive change in mental health and wellness worldwide.

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